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Reviewed by: Ann Brown Rating: 8 out of 10 Comments: "Shows great promise".
Publisher: ISBN: Cost Approx.: $ 26.95 Description: Perfectbound, 356p.
Available from: Amazon.com

Voice of Conscience is an emotional journey from the shadowed heart of painful human experience to someplace that provides hope but without facade. As the reader follows the protagonist through changes, mistakes and wise choices the humanity is real and raw. It is an uncomfortable book because it occasionally makes you stop and think. Even after closing its final pages, questions and ideas continue to haunt. A sometimes lyrical work with an inviting style. A strong start for what will sure to be an important new voice. A definite add to adult collections needing diverse voices and cultural experiences. Universal themes of revenge, hate, anger, memory, grief, struggle, survival, displacement, and forgiveness permeate the book - so it would make an excellent book discussion title. Due to some graphic content (some violence and a romantic interlude) would recommend for mature adult audiences or library collections.

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