'13 NIGHTMARES' - delivers the Chills

Title: 13 Nightmares Author: Dennis McDonald

Publisher: iUniverse www.iuniverse.com Description: Paperback (permabound), 222 pages

Cost: srp $15.95 ISBN: 978-0-595-53498-2 Reviewer: Marilyn A. Hudson, MLIS

Dennis McDonald's recently released story collection, 13 Nightmares, delivers on the chills and thrills scale. A tagline from one of the stories is featured on the back of the book : "Horror is best written in the dark." McDonald was surely in the deepest bowels of subterranean dark when penning these tales because they will satisfy the most supernaturally starved, macabre munching, horror hound around. So sit back - do not try to get comfortable because these will keep you on the edge of your seat - and do read "13 Nightmares". The writing is quality with strong characterizations revealing a deep understanding of human nature and a masterful use of setting to add to the atmosphere of the tales. Highly recommend it for library collections on 'Oklahoma authors', short story collections, and any paranormal or horror reading needs or collections. Find it on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

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