Strange State: Mysteries & Legends of Oklahoma: Review

Review Rating: 10 of 10 ;M. Ennis ****Excellent book in this field!
Title: Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, rev. Centennial edition.
Author/Creator: Cullan Hudson
Publisher: Hudson House Publications, Norman, OK 2006, rev.e d. 2007.
Cost: srp $24.00 ISBN: 0-9778850-8-9 Description: approx. 180 pgs., illus. perfect bound.

The first edition of this work was launched at the "Red Dirt Book Festival" in 2005. I first saw it then and was impressed by the scope of the contents. It was encyclopedic in nature and, more importantly, it revealed an inquiring mind. No wide-eyed fanatic of the paranormal. Just someone willing to explore the unknown. He was also willing to discard what could not stand up to examination and consider all possibilities in a reasonable way. Now, in this Centennial edition he has refined the work, and added more detail updating many of the previous stories. He has even added some that may not have been seen since the early 1900's! The result is a strong work that explores all the strangeness in Oklahoma with reason, imagination, and wit. A must for every public library collection. The cover art is edgy and vivid and reveals the background of the author as a contemporary graphic artist as well as a writer. Available: Strangestate Blog (Paypal)

Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma
Written by Cullan Hudson
Copyright 2005, Hudson House Publishing
Norman, Oklahoma

2nd Review: "I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Many of my friends, however, are scattered across the country. I am always getting interesting e-mails about exciting and rather spooky happenings going on everywhere but here in Oklahoma. I never had anything interesting to tell them about this state, until I read Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson.

For instance, did you know that Oklahoma had its own mummy? How about those half-dozen lost treasures located throughout the state? Let’s not forget the ghost of Belle Starr or the mysterious lights seen in the skies over several areas of Oklahoma? Did you know that we actually have our own Dead Man’s Gulch and Bigfootville? Interested yet? How about those mysterious tales of Oklahoma’s past?

Strange State details a great many stories and a number of strange places in an easy-to-read format with a few points to ponder scattered through out the book. Cullan Hudson does an amazing job of finding obscure myths and legends (Downtown’s Chinese Tunnels, Edmond’s misplaced Bodies, and the town of Bethsheba) as well as some that are more widely known (The Stone Lion Inn, University of Oklahoma’s Cate Center, and the Skirvin Hotel). The truly interesting point of the book is the scope of it. It ranges from ghostly sightings and hauntings to UFOs and Big Foot. There is even a mention of a unicorn. Yes, I did say unicorn.

Curious about this strange state called Oklahoma, then be sure to check out Cullan Hudson’s Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma. You’ll find a wealth of information gathered by Cullan, as he sought out the truth behind the stories and legends passed down from generation to generation. You won’t be disappointed. Freaked out, maybe, but not disappointed. " ----- Reviewed by Ravanne Alexander

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