THE TREASURES OF LIFE: Kenneth Shelby Armstrong

Reviewed by: Ann Brown Rating: 8 out of 10
Comments: This delightful biography escapes being narcissistic - as so many autobiographies can sometimes come across to readers - because the author's tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. He is almost an "everyman" sharing insights and experiences that cross time and place to expose the common human experience. Setting the tone are statements such as : "I didn't come along until 1927, but my parents chose an auspicious place for my birth. They chose Skedee, Oklahoma." He strings together with skill and a light touch episodes of life dramatic, silly, and deeply moving. All of which serve to engage and retain the reader's interest. In 1909 his grandfather shot a man in a bar in Kentucky motivating the move into the new state of Oklahoma. That is the starting place as he explores events of life as a pastor-farmer's son, as a person trying to live a life of meaning in a changing world. An excellent and interesting addition to any adult, Oklahoma biography, or general biography collection.

Publisher: Rough Roads Press (Box 7, Fort Towson, OK 74735)
/ Kenneth Shelby Armstrong (http://www.kennethwrites.com/)
ISBN: 978-0-9798327-0-3
Cost: $15.00 (perfect binding) Description: p.264
Available from: www.KennethWrites@me.com

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