How It Works


Face it, small publishers, new authors, and self publishers can find they are unable to get the reviews, quotes, and comments so necessary to help them sell the wonderful book they have crafted.  Even the "big names" can find the task daunting at time with the explosion of published titles compared to viable reviewers.

Standard professional review criteria will be applied. These are the same type of standards used by librarians and book buyers as they select materials to add to their collections.


No guarantees - if the work does not come up to industry standards no review will be posted.  PRS/Review It! retains the books and they will be donated to a charity.

There are no guarantees as to the type of review; no guaranteed good comments. If there are weaknesses, specific audiences, or limitations in the quality or scope of the work it will be noted.

What we DO guarantee is a fair reading, an honest appraisal, and an entry that can be referred to with pride.  We can, through a printing a review, provide the author and/or publisher with a source for quotes for use on book covers, in brochures, on websites, and other promotional media, such as press kits.

Best of all - it is free.  That helps you and it keeps us objective.