Rating: 7 out of 10 ; M. Hudson
Title: Code Name: Pretty Kitty
Author: Kathryn Thurman and Ravenna Alexander.
Publisher: Raven Guard Press, Del City, OK, 2003.
Description: 45 p.; paper.

The copy reviewed was a test run exploring the potential in a series about a fashion conscience orphaned cat who becomes a spy. The story would appeal to any 2-4th grader who was crazy about cats, fashion, or spies. It could also be enjoyed by younger children as a read-to-me tale. Pretty Kitty was lost in a tornado while traveling through Oklahoma and was taken in by her current family. Through a chance encounter she learns that there is a wide spread and well organized rat conspiracy of world domination. She bravely, and with a fine fashion flair, responds to the call of duty. The character is unusual and there is action with some suggestion of violence. Pretty Kitty is a fun read that, hopefully, will lead to further adventures of this winsome and aware little cat. Construction is simple staple with color cover and images so would not withstand library or classroom use but for personal libraries it will serve very well.

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