Title: ONE NIGHT CLUB & A MULE BARN: The first 60 years of Southwestern Christian University
Author/Creator: SCU History Committee (Marilyn A. Hudson, Megan Miles, John Chasteen, Terry Tramel, M.W. Murr, Mark Arthur, Gary Burchette, Patty Woodring).
Publisher: Tate Publishing, Mustang, Oklahoma Rating: 8 out 10 M. Ennis
Date: 2006 ISBN: 1-5988690x Cost: 11.99 Description: perfect; p.;141 p. Soon appearing in an audio format as well. Available: Amazon.com

So often history is like sand falling through our fingers; it is here and then simply gone. As Oklahoma celebrates its centennial it is good to see groups in the state begin to record their own past. A small history, One Night Club...,reveals a religious group with roots going back before statehood. A descendant of both the Holiness and the Pentecostal movements, Southwestern, opened in 1946 in rural Oklahoma County. It grew into one of the largest junior colleges in the state before troubles beset it and the junior college closed and the school shifted its educational focus. Proud of its spiritual roots, the book does not bog down and is easily read and understood by anyone - regardless of background. It celebrates its roots, it revels its wrinkles, and then goes on to show that Oklahoma determination that was on the faces of struggling people in the Depression era.. and the oil bust ...and numerous other tragedies of Oklahoma history. It is a story of a family really...and that family's joys, its faith, problems, and ultimately, its survival. It's attractive cover has eye appeal, it has several pages of illustrations, and will be of interest to collections of Oklahoma or religious history. Locales mentioned: Stratford, Oklahoma County, Kingfisher, Shawnee, Seminole, Tulsa, & Monte Ne (Ark).

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