Reviewed by: Marilyn Hudson Rating: 9 out of 10
Comments: "Oklahoma Hearts Online.com", is a charming and natural story populated by people so real that you just know you have met them yourself. They fill the streets of many Oklahoma towns and cities. In this novel, McCauley begins the journey by leading a group of people from the normal and even mundane everyday world into one of suspense, romance, and friendship. Woven into the tale of one woman's heroic response to a terrifying situation are the struggles, questions, and achievements that fill every life. This is romance in the true sense of the word with deep adventure, virtue, and values. Themes of personal effort, adaptation, and growth are woven throughout the story. McCauley shows promise in fashioning strong character driven tales that are rich in dialogue and in creating situations that ring true to the soul. A perfect addition to any Oklahoma, romance, or light suspense collections. It is especially useful in satisfying the reading needs of customers who desire entertaining romance without excessive sensuality.

Publisher: Publish America, 2008
ISBN: 1-60610-670-8 Cost: $ 21.95 Description: perfect bound, 251 p.
Available from:
www.marymccauley.com; Amazon.com

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