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Reviewed by: "REVIEW IT!", Ann Brown, with Marilyn A. Hudson Rating: 9 out of 10
Comments: There are times – special and rare – when you pick up a book and just reading the first line is such a pleasure you are hooked. “Eric carved, Susan watched, and the rock didn’t care.” From that first sentence, Rickey Bray, proceeds to lead the reader into a rich wonderland of the imagination. While on vacation in the mountains, Eric encounters an unusual and captivating girl with emerald eyes whose destiny is fraught with both magic and mystery. Eric and the girl are plunged into an odyssey where both delight and danger lurk around nearly every corner. Using the rich potential of the language the author develops characters, situations, and ideas that are satisfying on a multitude of levels. The rich, vibrant, often poetic use of the English language is a delight that immediately sets the work apart. The characters are real, well developed, and likable. The situations are constructed to be – even when dealing with the fantastic – immensely believable. A highly recommended addition to any reading collection, especially those who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and romance.
Publisher: Robert D. Reed Publishers, Bandon, OR
: 978-1-934759-25-7 Cost: $ 19.95 Description: Permabound, p. 430
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