Occasionally a book comes along where you are reluctant to put it down. The story so strong, the telling so powerful that you put your life on hold and enter the magic of the written word.
This novel by new author Preetham Grandhi is such a riveting work of strong and unique characters. A delicate young girl begins to have strange dreams, a horrific killer strikes a peaceful community, and the genesis of a story of love, human corruption, and struggle are revealed with the an artist's touch.

Can the caring doctor help the young girl in his care? Can he make sense of her troubling dreams before something happens to her? More importantly, can he really believe what her dreams seem to mean about the nature of reality and of life and death?

Strongly recommended as a welcome addition to the collection of all lovers of suspense, the paranormal, crime stories, and a good read. Perfect addition to library collections of the same as well.
This is one author to keep an eye on and to wait with eagerness for the next gift from this inventive and sensitive imagination.
Webpage: http://www.acircleofsouls.com/

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