Reviewed by: Ann Brown,         Rating: 9 out of 10

The Mound is a novel about an historic hotel in a sleepy town, mysterious omens, and something that is struggling to awake; intentionally tipping the hat to all their favorite horror authors and settings, The Mound, is a fascinating and fast-paced journey into the imaginations of its authors, Cullan Hudson and Marilyn A. Hudson.  The story of a group of people brought together as they investigate a historic and mysterious old hotel, leads the reader down familiar hallways but then brings some surprising twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  Interesting characters spring into immediate life, an architect with a past he can’t seem to get away from, a maverick archaeologist, a vindictive journalist, and a policeman turned paranormal investigator.  All strong and engaging, but specially the young psychic, “Shade “ Hoffmeyer.   She literally stalks into scenes in her Goth boots creating memorable moments.  In her character there is a strong indication that this is someone we will be seeing more of, a lot more, if the reader is lucky.  Recommended for readers who enjoy suspense, horror, paranormal and mystery fiction.

Publisher: Whorl Books/CreateSpace
 ISBN: 978-1463755782
 Cost: $18.00 Description: 350 pg.
Available from: Amazon.com

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Sounds great! I can hardly wait to order this one.