STORIES CENTER STAGE: Storytelling in Modern Oklahoma

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Reader review: "Hudson did a nice job of giving a brief history and overview of storytelling in Oklahoma. She notes that this is not a complete work, but a start in giving an overview of events, organizations and storytellers. " - A 5 Star Review
Hudson's work gives a broad overview of the ways storytelling was used, who was using storytelling and lots of names of early artists, promoters, and advocates for the art form in modern Oklahoma.  This work will be valuable in the history of artists and art forms in the state. Every library should have this in their reference collections and especially libraries serving the arts communities or curriculums on the performing arts.

A brief history of the art of storytelling in modern day Oklahoma. It scans evidence of storytelling in schools, libraries, churches, homes and public spaces and special events from the early 20th century and includes short biographies of artists who served as pioneers and some of those who actively shared stories using oral storytelling art forms from 1900 to present day.

Marilyn A. Hudson blends her degrees in history and library services to craft works both informative and imaginative.

She is the author of several works of non-fiction, often historic in nature: 'One Night Club and A Mulebarn" (Co-author, Tate 2006) ; 'When Death Rode the Rails' (WHORL 2009); 'Halloween: Oklahoma Tricks and Treats" ; 'Those Pesky Verses of Paul' (WHORL 2009) and "Murderous Marriages (2013).

She has also written several fiction works: "Elephant Hips are Expensive" (HHP, 2005/2014) ; "The Bones of Summer" ; 'The Mound", and "Madame Delaine" and "Sword of Anath" (2015).

Hudson has traveled Oklahoma for over ten years as a storyteller, workshop presenter, and speaker. A professional in library and information studies, Hudson has been a librarian in public schools, public libraries, and an administrator in an academic library.

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