Title: Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge.
Reviewed by: Ann Brown and Marilyn A. Hudson; Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Comments: Gloria Teague's book offers up delectable morsels of human comedy as smooth and rich as the convection of the title. With a keen skill she draws the reader into a world that is slightly odd but also warmly familiar. The process opens a dam of memories for anyone who grew up in the past fifty years. Touching, funny, and often mystically insightful, Teague's book is one to enjoy in liesure and a sense of indulgance. It is a story of the world of strong women and the way that they contribute, enrich, and challenge each other and those around them. Each chapter is a sweet dessert of its own to be savored, contemplated, enjoyed and revisited. All in all this is a well written book that balances nostalgia with humor and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who craves a good read...Saturday night or any night of the week.
Publisher: Roots and Branches
ISBN: 9780937660416
Cost: $ 14.00-20.00
Description: paperpack/perfectbound , 188p.

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