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ROBIN. Kenneth Shelby Armstrong
ISBN 978-0-979832789
Rough Road Books $14.95
Order: Amazon.com
Reviewed by: Ann Brown & Marilyn A. Hudson; Rating: 8 out of 10

Comments: Oklahoma author Kenneth Shelby Armstrong presents a story of lyrical beauty, deeply felt emotion, thought provoking actions, and lasting inspiration. It often soars to lofty heights as it presents a love story and a story of sacrifice. With an increasingly deft hand the author pulls the reader into a story filled with all too human figures as they struggle through war, life, and all that they find in between. Highly recommend this book for all library collections and for readers who enjoy romance fiction and inspiring stories.
"Robin" is tale that begins in WW2. "On the shores of Lake Biwa near Kyoto, Japan a distinguished bishop laid his head in the lap of a lovely Japanese woman and died. His death opened a secret that he had held since he was a young soldier exploring the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In some ways the secret was more destructive and dangerous than the atomic bombs that he knew so well."

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