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Reviewed by: "REVIEW IT!"team member, Ann Brown Rating: 8 out of 10
Tennyson once remarked, “I am a part of all that I have met.” That thought comes to mind exploring the southeast corner of Oklahoma as illustrated in Blaine Dixon’s “Going Home to “Little Dixie”: A photo Essay on Southeast Oklahoma”. In this photographic memoir, the author tells his personal journey of returning to his roots in SE Oklahoma, “of getting back together with old friends and of re-discovering a state that I actually knew little about while growing up there.” Along the way, he encounters intimate places, small towns and large communal focal points. Ranch life, rodeo, Powwows, High School sports, weather, Amish Oklahoma, hunting, seasons, and the Civil War re-enactors explored through the camera lens. The journalist has captured the essence of a small corner of one state and how in the 21st century that region continues to reflect its deep southern influences and roots. In the crisp, colorful images a slice of real American life is reflected, celebrated, and honored for its endurance, courage, and humanity.
Publisher: Blurb,
ISBN: 978-1-60743-192-3

Cost: $83.95 +S/H; Hardcover image wrapped $89.95 + S/H; Softcover $70.95

Description: Color, illus. 352p.
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Photo essays are a legitimate form of resource; how they are crafted, the story they tell (or fail to tell) via images, are all included in the professional processes of evaluation and critique provided by "Review It!" Visual literacy involves the concepts of how view, perspective, placement, and images merge to create an experience that is just as literate as reading a word rich text.