What happens when the best laid plans go awry? That is the challenge of this seductive, engaging and heartwarming tale. Adrienne Baxter is a brilliant young architect who, on the fast track, has a life all planned out. Set to enjoy a life with Brian - Dexter walks into her life...and he was not supposed to happen! As a lovely and intelligent African American woman, she finds she is uncharacteristically weak and unsure as she enjoys the attention of both men. Only one, however, can win....
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Reviewed by: Ann Brown Rating: 8 out of 10
Comments: Sherilyn Powell debuts well with this winning tale of a smart woman who suddenly finds her self challenged and feeling anything but smart as two men pull on her heart strings. Strong characters and vibrant emotional scenes bring the story to life. The main character is fiesty and strong figure who is soon waging an inner struggle as she is torn between desire and love. A must read for romance lovers and readers looking for strong, yet compassionate female characters. Highly recommeded for library romance and general fiction collections.
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: Cost: $ 16.95 (pb) Description: Perfect boundm, 243 p.
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