"Dream Share" : Magic-Realism for Younger Readers

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What happens to people in a coma? Can our dreams be real? Do 'alternate realities"' exist?
"Dream Share" is a book for older elementary and middle school readers. It's the story of a twelve year old who accidentally enters the comatose state of his elder brother and the two begin exploring the mystical realms between life and death. Fun soon turns to fear the boys find themselves fighting for their lives in a place where your worst nightmares come true, and each is forced to confront their own demons in order to survive.

Author, Rita Milios, is a licensed psychotherapist, author, and workshop presenter. Rita Milios, known also as The Mind Mentor or The Dream Lady, is an expert in the subconscious mind and in the use of the mind, Rita has been researching and writing about dreams, intuition, meditation, visualization, creativity, and other mind-related topics for more than twenty years.

The book is an engaging and very human story told with energy, understanding of human nature, and sympathy for the real anxieties and fears youth face. The theme of the paralyzing influence of fear is predominant and as the protagonist of the story, Sam, learns to "see more deeply", the boys begin to understand that reality is often what you perceive it to be. This truth is what will lead them safely home.

A bonus section at the back of deals with the the "story behind the story" as the author discusses the real life and real science inspiration for the books paranormal themes: what happens when a person is in a coma? What are "out-of-body" experiences? Do alternate realities truly exist? A special glossary to understanding dreams and a "Dream Journaling" section is included.

Recommended for youth in grades 4 to 9 (may could be used with older readers needing a low level high interest book) and for enriching special collections related to counseling, dreams, fears, the paranormal or alternate belief systems.

Milios, Rita. Dream Share. Rose Heart Publishing/Cypress Imprint (www.roseheartbooks.com), 2009.

ISBN: 978-982233728 Cover Price: $12.95 (U.S.)
Description: Permabound, p.119 (86 pages of story + bonus material)

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